Short Descriptions

For a summary of the walks to be offered with brief descriptions click on the Walk Description link.

Detailed Descriptions

Detailed descriptions of each walk are listed below, together with a map of the route taken. These are provided in separate .pdf files.

NB: Please ensure you have checked into the walk before the time indicated.

Walks are grouped by grading. Definitions of the gradings used are to be found here.


Map 1

  1. 10:00am Lerderderg Gorge Sketchers Walk

Map 2

  1. 10:00am Lerderderg River Heritage Walk

Map 3

  1. 10:15am Mt Blackwood-Lohs Lane Circuit Photographers Walk

Map 4

  1. 10:00am Whipstick Loop Walk


Map 5

  1. 10:00am Blackwood and Shaws Lake Historical Walk

Map 6

  1. 08:30am Mt Sugarloaf and Antimony Mine

Map 7

  1. 09:00am Ted Errey Nature Walk

Map 8

  1. 10:00am Werribee Gorge lookouts


Map 9

  1. 09:00am Centenary Walk and The Island

Map 10

  1. 08:15am East Walk

Map 11

  1. 08:15am Geocache Walk

Map 12

  1. 08:30am Grass Tree Walk

Map 13

  1. 08:30am Green Gully Walk

Map 14

  1. 08:15am Razorback & Lower Chadwick Track

Map 15

  1. 08:30am Sardine and Clear Water Creeks & the Tunnel

Map 16

  1. 08:45am Shaw's Lake to Tunnel Point

Map 17

  1. 08:45am Spanish Onion-Cowan Tracks

Map 18

  1. 09:00am Werribee Gorge Circuit

Map 19

  1. 08:30am Whiskey Creek to Ambler Lane
  2. Yankee Creek Circuit - Walk Cancelled


Map 21

  1. 08:15am The Scenic Rim
  2. Western Bluff and Falcons Lookout - Walk Cancelled

Map 23

  1. 08:15am Whiskey Creek Circuit


Map 10

  1. 08:45am East Walk (2)

Map 21

  1. 08:45am The Scenic Rim (2)

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