Walks Information

For Federation Walk Day 2013 a walks booklet will not be provided. Instead, all information will be on this website. This will include detailed walk descriptions and maps for all the walks.

On the day a detailed walk description and map for your walk will be given out at the time of check in.

This decision was made on the recommendation of Bushwalking Victoria.

Message from Chris Towers, Vice-President, Bushwalking Victoria : "In the interests of minimising the workload for the club or clubs organising and running a Federation Walk, and to minimise the cost to participants, a walks booklet will no longer be produced for Federation Days Walks or Weekends. A comprehensive description or each walk will instead be added to Bushwalking Victoria's www.where2walk.org.au web site. The site already includes most walks from the past eight Federation events and Bushwalking club members can for free view, download and print all walks on where2walk. The 2013 walks should be available on where2walk by the end of October."

Those wishing to make up their own booklet may do so using the components listed here.

Cinnamon Fungus

Many of the walks are in areas where Cinnamon Fungus is present. Walk leaders will carry a spray bottle of decontamination solution for use by all walkers who have been through infected areas.

More information is available here

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